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What is CAD ?

AutoCAD is Autodesk’s flagship software for computer aided design ( CAD) . CAD is widely used in engineering, architecture, construction and surveying. In fact, CAD allows these professionals to efficiently create electronic drawings, plans, calculations and illustrations.

Civil 3D is the vertical product of AutoCAD, created for the civil engineering industry.

This training course, entitled “ Essentials of AutoCAD ” is for all levels of users. The course is deliberately designed to be a practical representation of the practical experience of the authors.

Auto CAD Training Course Characteristics :


Tests : 36


Levels : All

International Certification :


In this AutoCAD Civil 3D online training course , participants will learn and apply the tools of the Civil 3D design software (the civil engineering version of Autocad.

Civil 3D provides users with the tools necessary to carry out a civil engineering project, from data collection in the field to final design.

The course includes a series of step-by-step tutorials, with clear and concise explanations. Participants will be able to understand the reason for each design step.

It is a 60 hour course, condensed into a 16 hour video session. In general, a user can complete the Civil 3D Essentials course in an average of 30 to 40 hours.

Cherry Institute uses an “At the Heart of the Subject” method to address questions. In particular, CHERRY INSTITUTE uses a solid educational experience and an advanced presentation technique. With this approach, we can highlight the most important points of the course.

At the end of each chapter, we have tests to assess the progress of the learners. A certificate will be issued to students who have successfully completed at least 70% of the course. The certificate will include the name of the participant, the course and the date of completion. The certificates can be downloaded directly from the user account for each course taken.

Who can Apply for CAD Course ?

These Courses are recommended for Professional in Civil Engineering and Students Pursuing their Btech, Degree, ITI, Diploma, Master Degree.

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