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Quantity Surveying Training Institute in Bangalore

What is About Surveying Course ?

Quantity Surveying Training Institute in Bangalore – Integrate a career whose importance has not finished measuring. For a road to be straight, to precisely determine the location of a building to be constructed, the work of surveyors is essential.

The in-depth training of cherry institute gives you the chance to work in a constantly changing environment by mapping out the terrain with specialized software and tools. Play the success card by becoming a surveyor-topographer!

Qunatity Surveying Training Course Characteristics :


Tests : 36


Levels : All

International Certification :


In this Quantity Surveying training course , participants will learn all the Below Surveying Courses :

Quantity Surveying

Topographical Surveying

Building Survey

Road Survey

Contour Survey

Land Survey

Objectives of the Program >

Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to collect topographic data using the usual surveying instruments (total station,level, etc.), specify and transform, through mathematics, this technical information, translate graphically, in the form of topographical and drawing drawings, on a drawing table or on a computer, the readings already made.

It is a 60 hour course, condensed into a 16 hour video session. In general, a user can complete the Surveying Essentials course in an average of 30 to 40 hours.

Who can Apply for BIM Course ?

These Courses are recommended for Professional in Civil Engineering and Students Pursuing their Btech, Degree, ITI, Diploma, Master Degree.,

Program Elements

— Trigonometry applied to surveying – Measures of angles, distances and elevations – Measurements of coordinates – Calculation of a polygonal – Survey and plan of a flat ground – Drawing assisted by computer (CAD) – Drawing of cadastral plans – Elevation survey – Picket of land and establishment of a building – Layout and plan of a road – Layout of underground infrastructures – Layout in difficult terrain – Integration into the workplace

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