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AutoCAD is used in architecture, engineering, and construction. Free AutoCAD classes are sought by many. Many people question if the well-known Cherry Institute offers free AutoCAD classes. The Cherry Institute does not offer free AutoCAD classes. They offer affordable AutoCAD training. The institute offers online and offline courses for different learners. Professionals with years of software experience teach the courses. The CHERRY INSTITUTE's AutoCAD courses range from software basics to 3D modeling and rendering. The institute offers architectural and mechanical engineering AutoCAD courses. The courses teach students how to use the software in their industries. Free AutoCAD training is accessible online, but the CHERRY INSTITUTE does not offer it. Many websites offer free AutoCAD tutorials, videos, and guides. These resources can help software newbies get started. These resources may not be as thorough as courses from the CHERRY INSTITUTE. The CHERRY INSTITUTE offers high-quality AutoCAD classes at cheap pricing. Professionals teach these software-related courses. Other free online AutoCAD training alternatives may not be as thorough as premium courses.