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AutoCAD is the preferred computer-aided design software for architects, engineers, and designers. Construction, manufacturing, and product design employ it. Professionals in these industries use the software to generate comprehensive 2D and 3D drawings. Many AutoCAD users are wondering if they can make money. Yes, indeed! AutoCAD is a lucrative skill. Many companies need AutoCAD experts to design and generate technical drawings. Thus, AutoCAD experts can command hefty salaries. Architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and graphic design use AutoCAD. AutoCAD requires training and certification. All areas of AutoCAD are taught at the Cherry Institute. Instructors with years of AutoCAD experience teach hands-on lessons. Certification programs from the institute might boost your job prospects. Freelance designers can work with AutoCAD-using organizations. Many firms need occasional design work but cannot afford full-time designers. These companies will pay freelancers well. You can sell your creations on Etsy or Shutterstock. Finally, AutoCAD is a vital expertise that can boost your revenue. AutoCAD skills might offer doors for freelancers and employees alike. However, software proficiency requires adequate training and certification. AutoCAD classes from the Cherry Institute can boost your career.