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AutoCAD is widely used in engineering. It lets users design complex 2D and 3D structures and buildings. Is AutoCAD easy to use? Cherry Institute believes the answer relies on numerous factors. First, user experience with similar applications matters. AutoCAD may be easy to use for engineers and designers. AutoCAD might be difficult for design novices. Second, the design project's complexity affects AutoCAD's usability. AutoCAD is easy if the project is simple. AutoCAD might be difficult if the project has many elements or specifications Thirdly, AutoCAD usability depends on training and assistance. Cherry Institute offers complete AutoCAD training. Our instructors are AutoCAD experts who can teach students. This simplifies AutoCAD for our pupils. In conclusion, AutoCAD's ease of use depends on expertise, project complexity, training, and support. CHERRY INSTITUTE believes that anyone can learn to use AutoCAD efficiently and effectively with the correct instruction and support.