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Is AutoCAD only for civil engineers?

AutoCAD is used in architecture, engineering, and construction. Civil engineers use AutoCAD, but it's not only for them. AutoCAD has various uses beyond civil engineering. Cherry Institute offers AutoCAD training for various professionals. We teach everything from drawing and editing to 3D modeling. AutoCAD is a useful tool for technical drawing and design independent of business or profession. Architects use AutoCAD to draw floor layouts and elevations. It helps mechanical engineers design complicated machines. Interior designers utilize it for 3D visualization. AutoCAD patterns are used by fashion designers. Landscapers, electrical engineers, and surveyors utilize AutoCAD. AutoCAD can design gardens and outside spaces. It creates electrical wiring diagrams and schematics. It creates accurate maps and land surveys in surveying. Finally, AutoCAD is used by more than only civil engineers. Cherry Institute recognizes AutoCAD's many uses and offers programs for professionals from various sectors. AutoCAD can help architects, mechanical engineers, interior designers, and fashion designers.