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AutoCAD is a 2D/3D CAD and drawing program. One of the most popular CAD software applications, it was introduced in 1982. AutoCAD may be in question due to new software and technologies. The CHERRY INSTITUTE found that AutoCAD is still used in many industries, particularly in AEC. Due of its versatility and usability, the CHERRY INSTITUTE research believes AutoCAD is still in demand. AEC workers need it to develop exact drawings, plans, and models. Over time, AutoCAD has been modified and refined to satisfy user needs. Professionals benefit from 3D modeling, visualization, and cloud-based collaboration with the software. Manufacturing, product design, and gaming also use AutoCAD. The CHERRY INSTITUTE research recommends AutoCAD for technical drawings and machine diagrams. Game developers generate 3D models and animations with it. AutoCAD remains popular since it's an industry standard. Job applicants should have AutoCAD experience since many AEC firms require it. Many schools offer AutoCAD courses to help students prepare for the workforce. In conclusion, AutoCAD remains popular across industries. AEC, manufacturing, product design, and gaming experts need it due to its versatility, ease of use, continuous updates, and industry standard status. Thus, AutoCAD can help those entering or advancing in these industries.