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CAD engineering uses software to design and model items and systems. Manufacturing, building, and engineering have grown, boosting the need for CAD engineers. The Cherry Institute teaches CAD engineering. CAD engineers are great for techies and designers. The job is creative and demands problem-solving skills. CAD engineers develop 2D or 3D models for architects, engineers, and manufacturers to build goods. They must know design, materials, and manufacturing. CAD engineers should start at the Cherry Institute. CAD engineering courses give students hands-on exposure with industry-standard software. Drafting, 3D modeling, and product design are taught. Virtual and augmented reality trends can also be taught. CAD engineering has good career prospects and work stability. From 2019 through 2029, the BLS expects mechanical engineers, including CAD engineers, to expand 4%. May 2019 median mechanical engineer salary was $88,430. CAD engineer salaries vary by industry, region, and experience. CAD engineering is a wonderful job with lots of growth potential. It requires technical abilities and creativity, making it a rewarding career for tech and design enthusiasts. CAD engineers should start at the Cherry Institute. This vibrant and intriguing field is taught at the institute.