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AutoCAD creates 2D and 3D drawings and drafts. AutoCAD benefits engineering, architecture, construction, and manufacturing. The Cherry Institute, a top design and engineering school, promotes AutoCAD. Top 5 AutoCAD benefits: First, AutoCAD provides exact drawing. Precision-oriented industries like architecture and engineering benefit from this trait. Grids, snap points, and object snaps aid drawing accuracy in the software. AutoCAD saves time. Doors, windows, and furniture can be readily integrated into designs from the software's huge collection. The software's automation of dimensioning and scaling cuts design time. Thirdly, AutoCAD allows design versatility. Design editing is simple with the software. Without rewriting, changes can be made rapidly. Complex designs benefit from this feature. Fourth, AutoCAD allows multi-user cooperation. Multi-user design is possible with the program. This functionality is important for huge projects that require input from several parties. AutoCAD reduces costs. Pencils, erasers, and paper are unnecessary with the program. The software's accurate designs save costly rework. AutoCAD serves users in many domains. Its accuracy, time-saving features, design flexibility, collaborative capabilities, and cost-saving benefits make it excellent for design and drafting. AutoCAD is recommended to Cherry Institute students for its many benefits and ease of usage.