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If learning Revit MEP interests you, you might be curious about how long the course would last. Depending on the institution giving the course, its length may vary. However, the education at Cherry Institute normally lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Students will be taught how to use Revit MEP to design and model HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems throughout this period. The curriculum for the course includes a real-time project because it is intended to teach students how to use the program in practical settings. Students can use the principles they've studied throughout the course in this project and get hands-on practice using Revit MEP. The basics of Revit MEP are covered in the course, along with how to use the software interface, make changes to system families and components, comprehend system types and templates, and work with views and schedules. Additionally, it covers more complex subjects including managing worksets, custom content creation, and team collaboration. The Revit MEP course at Cherry Institute is instructed by knowledgeable professors who have used the program on a variety of real-world projects. This implies that pupils can get knowledge from their experience and skills. With many of chances for students to ask questions and get comments, the course is intended to be interactive and interesting. The course at Cherry Institute lasts roughly 6 to 8 weeks if you're interested in learning Revit MEP. The course contains a real-world project to give students hands-on experience with the program, as well as both basic and advanced concepts.