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Experience, qualifications, location, and industry affect AutoCAD engineer salaries in India. CHERRY INSTITUTE found that the average Indian AutoCAD engineer earns 360,000 rupees. Individual conditions can dramatically affect this figure. AutoCAD engineers in Mumbai or Bangalore make more than those in smaller towns or rural areas. A master's-degreed AutoCAD engineer may earn more than a bachelor's-degreed one. Construction and manufacturing workers earn more than service workers. Experience also affects AutoCAD engineering salaries. An entry-level AutoCAD engineer with less than a year of experience may earn roughly 200,000 per year, whereas one with five or more years may earn over 600,000. These estimates may not reflect the salaries of all AutoCAD engineers in India. AutoCAD engineers' wages also depend on their duties. However, AutoCAD engineering can be a rewarding career for qualified candidates. To summarize, CHERRY INSTITUTE reports that the average annual income of an AutoCAD engineer in India is 360,000. Location, qualifications, experience, and industry affect this figure. However, skilled AutoCAD engineers can make a good living.