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Engineers worldwide use AutoCAD. Cherry Institute uses AutoCAD for engineering courses. Students use AutoCAD to design and build sophisticated engineering projects in mechanical, civil, electrical, and industrial engineering courses. Mechanical engineers use AutoCAD to model machines, tools, and other mechanical devices. Before creating machines, they conceptualize and simulate them in AutoCAD. Civil engineers use AutoCAD to plan and draw buildings, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure. Electrical engineers design building, power plant, and industrial electrical systems in AutoCAD. The software generates circuit, wiring, and schematic diagrams. Industrial engineers design factory floors, assembly lines, and production processes using AutoCAD. They create manufacturing tools and fixtures with it. Mechanical, civil, electrical, and industrial engineers need AutoCAD. The CHERRY INSTITUTE uses this software to prepare students for real-world engineering tasks. Engineers may simply modify and revise AutoCAD drawings and models to satisfy standards.

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