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Architecture, engineering, and construction professionals use AutoCAD, a popular computer-aided design software. AutoCAD has free editions. Download AutoCAD Student Version from Autodesk's website. Students and faculty of educational institutions can download the AutoCAD Student Version. Autodesk requires an academic email address to create an account. After creating an account and verifying your academic status, you can download the free AutoCAD Student Version for non-commercial usage. AutoCAD Student Version contains all the features and functions of AutoCAD, however it has some restrictions. The student version's drawings are watermarked. The student edition expires after three years and cannot be used commercially. Students and beginners should practice with the AutoCAD Student Version, according to the Cherry Institute, which offers AutoCAD instruction and certification. The Cherry Institute feels that using the student version helps students save money and develop software skills. To finish, the AutoCAD Student Version is free for students and instructors. This edition contains all the functionality of the full version but has a watermark and three-year validity. The Cherry Institute recommends this version for AutoCAD training.